Black Rice: A Natural Superfood?

blackriceAs they say, the darker the grain, the healthier the rice. But those obsessed with health say that brown rice just isn’t good enough. You should be eating black rice.

Brown rice is the most common grain found in a persons diet (especially if they are trying to drop weight), this is mainly due to the fiber in it. However, research shows that black rice is much better for you in terms of fiber, but also with respect to overall nutrition. This is because black rice contains all the nutrients found in brown rice, but at the same time is packed with more nutrients that are not found in other types of rice. Black rice is the only rice variety that contains high levels of antioxidants, equivalent to that of blueberries and blackberries.

Black rice may be referred as the super-food of the century, but the health benefits of this rice has been known since the ancient times. As a matter of fact, the Chinese used to refer to black rice as the ‘forbidden rice’, since it was only available for the emperors at that time. Eventually, more and more civilizations, specifically in Asia, started to grow their own black rice variety extending its health benefits to more families in the continent. To date, some of the most popular black rice varieties are from Indonesia and Thailand. There is also no cautions in terms of the consumption nowadays (it can still be fattening if you eat more than you should), but black rice remains to be rare relative to white and brown rice. Proven health properties of black rice below make it the perfect carb to be consuming. Check these out:
* Antioxidants – the high levels of antioxidants found in black rice makes it a viable alternative for the more expensive blueberries and blackberries. Antioxidants are essential for memory enhancement, strengthened immune system, and cancer prevention. Eating black rice has also been proven to reduce chances of getting heart diseases.

* Low Calories – while most people turn to brown rice when they want to lose weight, black rice has an even better effect. It easily makes you feel full, while being assured of low calorie content. Despite this, black rice still contains sufficient carbohydrates to fuel you for the rest of the day.

* Low glucose content – black rice was also hailed blackricedinneras the rice for the diabetics, because of its low sugar content. While people diagnosed with diabetes are often warned against eating too much rice, black rice as an alternative allows them to eat more with lesser risk of their sugar levels shooting up.

* Rich in fiber and iron – if you are already pleased with how fibrous brown rice is, black rice takes that fiber content a tad higher. Studies reveal that black rice contains almost twice the fiber content of brown rice. Other than that, this unpolished rice also retains enough iron even when cooked.

Black Rice Cooking Tips
It is important to note that cooking black rice is more tricky than cooking the typical white and brown rice. One of the reasons why it is nutritious is because of its bran, where most of the nutrients are packed. This means that it can take almost an hour to cook black rice. To shorten this, the rice may be soaked in water for 12 or more hours. Black rice is also relatively sweeter than other rice varieties, which makes it a good ingredient for desserts such as puddings and rice cakes. Black rice also makes a good side dish in salads and pasta. This is a good move especially when you are trying to let guests try out black rice for themselves.

With the number of nutrients present, along with creative ways to cook it, black rice truly deserves the title “superfood.”

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