The Truth About Dieting During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when the world turns upside down, quite literally. However, this is not always as bad as it sounds. The drastic changes that a woman goes through are all part of the important events in a person’s life that only women were privileged to experience. Among the most common changes is the food cravings. Some women reported to have craved food that totally disgusted them prior to their pregnancy. There are also stories of women who found it hard to stand a certain food smell. Hormones are acting crazy when a woman is pregnant, and to be told to limit on food can be a tall order for some, especially those who are in their first semester.

€~However, health experts have repeatedly warned pregnant women to fight cravings,specifically the unhealthy ones. It turns out that even during pregnancy, women have to observe a diet. This diet is not necessarily meant for weight loss, but simply to keep the mother and the baby healthy. Although it is very common for pregnant women to gain weight, it does not have to be universal happening. See how some celebrities manage to maintain their lean figure despite their baby bumps? Healthy eating plays a huge part of that achievement.

For first time moms, dealing with the diet changes can be a huge horror. However, as we took a look at the basic advice from experts, it actually is not that tough, assuming that women are naturally trying to observe healthy diet, pregnant or not. There are exceptions but they are generally easy to deal with.

On top of these food restrictions for pregnant women are raw food, including fish and eggs. This is a bad news for sashimi and sushi lovers, as they may have to give these foods up for nine months. Raw food have high risk for salmonella virus, which can severely affect the development of the baby. Most if not all mothers-to-be are also advised to limit caffeine intake. The general limit for caffeine is not more than 300 milligrams per day. So coffee lovers do not have to suffer daily from giving up coffee, because at least a cup a day won’t really harm.

While coffee gets a nod from health experts, pastries may be off the list during the 9-month period. Sugar and trans fat facilitates weight gain both for the mother and the baby. Excess weight makes pregnancy and birth labors way more painful, this is why doctors are constantly monitoring the weight of their patients. Satisfy your sugar cravings with lots of fruits, instead.

Vegetables, fruits, and cooked fish are food that you definitely do not have to give up towards the course of your pregnancy. Just make sure to keep the salt and sugar levels on a moderate level to avoid bloating. Some amount of exercise will not harm, as well.

The compromises in food choices can be truly tough, but it will soon be worth it once you realize how little weight you have to lose after your little angel pops out.

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