You Really Need to Slow Down

Modern life is hustle and bustle virtually non-stop. That usually means congestion, short-tempers, and all manner of noise. Finding some quite time in your day can almost become a real achievement. But this is something you should definitely strive for because it is not good for either your physical or mental health to constantly be on the move.

Go go go may get things done, but it’s just plain bad bad bad for you. Your brain needs time to quietly reflect on things other than the latest raft of problems at work and home. It may sound old-fashioned to say, “sit down and smell the roses,” but it really is a good idea.

We are so conditioned to get as much done as possible, it’s easy to feel guilty about “doing nothing.” That mindset needs to change: you are not doing nothing. Quiet time provides you with the opportunity for the 5 Rs: recharge, refresh, regroup, recollect, and reflect.

It also gives you a chance to expand your knowledge and horizons. Reading the newspaper or a good book can broaden your understanding of a certain subject, or life in general, and that is always a positive. You can also acquire a skill that opens up a whole new chapter in your life.

Blocking out the rest of the world for a time allows your brain to be fully immersed in just one thing. The age of multitasking may result in more things getting done, but this often comes at the expense of accuracy and overall quality. How can something be first-rate when someone is only giving it half of their attention? Or less?

Spending some quiet time is also a natural way to reduce stress. Turn off your phone, shut out the world, and read a good book. Sounds simple, right? Well, stress reduction can be easy to obtain if you put the right components in place and stick to them. Almost every therapist agrees that living in the moment is an important way to control anxiety and stress because you are concentrating solely on what you are doing at that second. This is an ideal state for both productivity and creativity, and one to strive for whenever possible.

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